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Who is protected under New York State Human Rights Laws?

The New York State Human Rights Law prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of several “protected characteristics.” It is unlawful for someone to discriminate against you because of one of the following protected characteristics.



Exception: A religious institution can, under certain circumstances, limit the sale or rental of housing to a member of the same religion to further its religious principles.


Exception: Single-sex housing accommodations such as female- or male-only dormitories at a college are permitted.


Exception: Housing accommodations for seniors are permitted; housing discounts to people 65 years or older are permitted.


Exception: Housing discounts to people with disabilities are permitted.

Arrest Record

resolved on your favor, an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, a sealed conviction record, or a youthful offender adjudication.

National Origin                                                                                                                  Marital Status

Military Status                                                                                                                    Family Status

Sexual Orientation                                                                                                           Gender Identity

Gender Expression                                                                                            Lawful Source of Income

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