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Our Mission

The Geneva Human Rights Commission engages in outreach, education, and advocacy to promote diversity, unity, equity, and inclusion within the Geneva, NY community.

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Our Duties:

  • Fostering mutual respect

  • Engagement in studies that further our mission

  • Inquiry into incidents of tension in order to resolve conflict

  • Assessment and creation of educational programs that enhance opportunities to further our mission

Our authorizations include:

  • Reporting complaints that allege unlawful discriminatory practices

  • Receiving, accepting and using public grants and private gifts to further our mission.



Geneva Community Compact:

Since 2011, the Geneva Human Rights Commission is additionally charged with fulfilling the agreements set out in the Community Compact. The Community Compact is a memorandum of understanding that resulted from mediation between the City of Geneva, the African American Community Leaders of Geneva, and the Geneva Human Rights Commission. The mediation took place during several sessions throughout the summer of 2011, in a manner consistent with the United States Department of Justice Community Relations Service’s congressional mandate as detailed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was signed on September 6, 2011. The Community Compact represents a cooperative effort to build a positive relationship between the African American Community, the police department, and city officials. Through the Community Compact, the Geneva Human Rights Commission agreed to develop formal and informal resolution processes to engage community leaders and city officials to better address racial and bias based conflict. These include: community programs, documentation of stories of racial diversity, and community dialogues about race.

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