GHRC launches #IAmGeneva campaign

We here at the GHRC recognize that each resident has a unique story to tell.... and we are hoping you will share that story with us! So.... we are launching the #IAmGeneva campaign, where residents can post a self portrait along with a story that tells something unique about their life experience so that we can foster deeper connections between neighbors. Geneva is special because of ALL the different experiences we bring to the table, so lets CELEBRATE our differences, APPRECIATE each other, and HONOR that we are one community. Get to know your neighbors, get to know the GHRC, and we hope to get to know you!

If you are interested in joining our "launch party", come to our Human Rights Day 2015 celebration as part of Geneva Night Out on Dec. 4th from 5-8pm at the Center for Disability Rights on Castle St. We will be hosting works by photographer Loret Steinberg tha focus on local human rights issues. Maybe she can even give us tips on our self portraits! Come see her work, enjoy some free food, and take a picture in our photobooth! Contribute to the #IAmGeneva project and earn a chance to take home a Tshirt, candy, gift cards, and more! Every participant gets to take home a copy of their photo, and we will share a digital version via our #IAmGeneva forum.

We all have a story...what is yours?

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