"The Life of An Intern," Act 1, Scene 1

Hi folks! Stephanie here, newest intern for the Geneva Human Rights Commission. Established in 1995 by my mother and father, I have been committed to protecting human rights in Geneva for exactly 1.5 months now. (Okay, let’s be real, that’s just when it started to be a paid gig.)

Anyway, when I came to the GHRC, I wasn’t necessarily sure what I’d be doing. And since we’ve had an influx of new likes, follows, and overall engagements with our page from new folks, I thought: Why don’t we explore this Human Rights Commission thing together? Just, you know, in blog form.

That’s right, Wonka. But it’s not just me that has a blog--it’s the people of Geneva who’ve got a blog here. (Sounded better in my head.) The Human Rights Commission is a public resource, and it’s going to be my job to make sure you’ve got public insight into the work we’re doing to make Geneva a better place, one that ensures human rights for all its people.

And even though I’ve only been interning (interned?!) at the GHRC for a few weeks at this point, it has been a busy, busy season for us all. Like any organization of our kind, we’re balancing two main roles in the community: responding to individual cases and organizing outreach and educational events. At the same time as we’re fielding calls about potential acts of discrimination, we’ve also been hosting events, such as our first annual film festival to commemorate International Human Rights Day. Kind of amazing that all of our commissioners are volunteers, am I right?

My next post is going to be an overview of all the activities we’ve been up to between the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, but I want to know what the community engagement with this blog is going to be like! Are you intrigued, excited, and hyped about “The Life of an Intern”?! Or maybe there’s something you want to see covered in this forum? Let me know!

Okay, well, lots of intern tasks on the agenda, so...

See you soon!


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