The Life of an Intern: Act 1, Scene 2

The Life of an Intern: Part 1, Act 2

I promised an update on all the things we here at GHRC have been up to, and here they are in no particular order (okay, maybe vaguely in order of importance to me):

Well, first, we kicked off our first annual film festival in commemoration of Human Rights Day 2016. On Friday, Dec. 9th, we hosted a screening of Teaching Tolerance’s “Mighty Times: The Children’s March” at the Smith Opera House, and directly afterward, we had a discussion on the parallels and overlaps between the youth march in Birmingham, Alabama and youth civic engagement in Geneva right now. Key questions our talented facilitators Kathryn Haynes (Alternatives to Violence Project) and Kaylyn O’Brien (Centennial Center for Leadership) asked us to think about were, “Do we empower our young people to become politically involved? If not, how can we?”

  • Our vision for the next installment of the film festival is greater attendance with more diversity represented in the conversation (what I’m trying to say is: we have a load of leftover T-shirts that need a home). Our group had incredible, productive conversation, but we wished we had more folks so we could get to planning actions in Geneva!

  • We will continue our film festival with a showing at Finger Lakes Community College!

The other big news is the creation of SANG: The Support and Advocacy Network of Geneva. Early in December, we hosted a meeting of service-providers in Geneva to discuss how we can work better together. Because the Geneva HRC is primarily volunteer-based (with the exception of yours truly!), we often refer cases to other service-providers in Geneva. And that’s important for all service-providers to do, when necessary: refer people to the organization that can best meet their needs.

  • So we asked, “Why not streamline this network of service-providers?” And (spoiler alert) there was no reason why not, so we did.

  • In the future, we hope to create a universal referral form recognized by all the providers in Ontario County. To this end and to better organize our efforts, SANG will be meeting again in January. If you’re a service-provider and want to be part of this effort, get in touch! Email

Oh, and here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Super cool Social media campaign to recognize the people in Geneva who stand up for human rights in their everyday work! Check it out on our Facebook!

  • Created a Discrimination Complaint Intake form, so we can better gather info from people contacting us seeking conflict resolutions.

  • Whole lotta meeting notes.

  • Did I mention social media???

Will I ever run out of these memes? (Spoiler alert: No, I won’t.) Find out for sure in the next installment of “The Life of an Intern”!


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